I am a Master Barber/Stylist who has been fine tuning my craft for 21 years Some of the places I worked at Sneaker Kutz in Salinas as part owner for 3 years 1 1/2 at Phil’s Barbershop in Pacific Grove learning the old school ways of barbering 2 years with the Barbers Inc. In San Jose working along side with Dave Diggs the Celebrity Barber who is a staple of San Jose community Now I am working here at Side Affects Barbershop here in Seaside Ca. Ready to serve you I’m your Barber, personal concierge, counselor, artist, therapist and investment how can I help you today! As a barber I create memories when you get a haircut I take you back to when your dad,mom or Grandpa took you to the barbershop and got your first haircut. I don’t only create a Exquisite and stunning visual features through detail and tailored craftsmanship I create value,opportunities & confidence through a winsome & ravishing look!

IG: @bogiefadez_83